At DRBU, you’ll read and discuss great books of philosophy, spirituality, literature, history, and more. These books reflect 4000 years of human insight and wisdom from around the world. We call these books “great” not just because of their profound impact on the history and development of human thought, but because of their continued potential to inspire, uncover, and uplift.

Exploring these classic works together with your classmates, you’ll open the doors to the wisdom they contain—and unlock the wisdom in you.

“These works do not so much impart ‘Truth’ as inspire a pursuit of truth—and convey the methods, pitfalls, and excitement of that search. They also remind us that genuine learning begins with curiosity and is sustained by questions.”

Explore the Curriculum

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts

From the Dialogues of Plato to the Analects of Confucius, the reading list for our Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts includes significant works of philosophy, literature, spirituality and religion, psychology, politics, history, math, science, and more.

Master of Arts in Buddhist Classics

The reading list for our Masters of Arts in Buddhist Classics is composed of a wide range of material from the Buddhist canon, including sūtras, śāstras, and śīla texts, as well as a selection of readings from Western philosophy and psychology. 

I think of the texts as a kind of prism. You look at the prism a certain way and it will reflect light back at you.

Justin Lee MA '20