Dharma Realm Buddhist University is a unique community dedicated to self-cultivation and the pursuit of wisdom. DRBU’s founder, Venerable Master Hua, envisioned an approach to education with the potential to transform individuals and the world.

The inner growth of each DRBU graduate is like a bright light in the world. By supporting DRBU, you invest in future leaders who will bring forth the qualities of wisdom, compassion, and human goodness wherever their journeys take them.

We believe that:

  • Many generations to come will benefit from the ripple effect of this education, which not only emphasizes the self-cultivation of virtue, but also the extension of virtue into the wider world
  • The only way to keep the human qualities of kindness, generosity, and contentment alive is to activate them in the human consciousness, in the words of Master Hua–by “make living Buddhas and Bodhisattvas”
  • The inner transformation of each DRBU graduate is like a bright light in the world. The light of a single lantern can ignite a hundred thousand lanterns. Then there is no end to this brightness

Dharma Realm Buddhist University activates everyone’s inherent wisdom, inherent virtues, and inherent spirituality.

Venerable Master Hsuan Hua Founder of DRBU
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