Advance the Journey of You

Embark on a path of freedom, compassion, and self-discovery.

We are dedicated to liberal education in the broad Buddhist tradition.

This tradition is characterized by knowledge in the arts and sciences, self–cultivation, and the pursuit of wisdom.

  • Study the Great Books

    From the Odyssey to the Daodejing, the Mahabharata to the theory of relativity, explore the world's wisdom traditions and uncover the wisdom within yourself.

  • Small Classes, Dedicated Faculty

    At DRBU, learning happens through discussion. Faculty don't lecture, but guide and support you and your classmates as you dive into the text.

  • A Loan-Free Education

    Finances shouldn't stand between you and your education. Our goal is to give every admitted student the opportunity to attend.

  • Join us for the Summer

    Explore our diverse programs for high-school students and adults in Northern California and Taiwan!

Educating the whole person

DRBU was created with you in mind—small classes, discussion-based learning, and personal attention from our faculty.

Education is without beginning or end. There is not a single location that is not a place of learning, and there is not a single moment that is not a time for learning.

Venerable Master Hsüan Hua Founder of DRBU