Liberal Education

Through knowledge and self-understanding, liberal education opens the door to a lifelong journey of growth and transformation.

Great Books Curriculum

Drawing on 4000 years of human wisdom, our curriculum puts you in conversation with classic works that shed light on who we are and who we might become.

To learn to live in harmony with each other, to listen deeply to and respect all beings, to practice self-inquiry every day — these aren’t theories in the air, but things that people practice day to day at DRBU.

Sanju Baral MA '23

Shared Inquiry

Through reading and discussion, you and your classmates will explore the wisdom of the ages. Questions often lead to greater insight than answers. What you discover is up to you.

Contemplative Practice

Wisdom stuck in the head isn’t wise. It also has to live in the body and the heart. At DRBU, you’ll take what you learn out of the classroom and into your everyday life.