Dharma Realm Buddhist University is home to a range of institutes that support various programs and initiatives, ranging from text translation activities, interfaith activities, and community engagement.

DRBU Extension

DRBU Extension offers a variety of community programs, including online classes and in-person retreats that bring classical Buddhist texts into dialogue with contemporary philosophy, psychology, science, technology, and education. 

International Institute for the Translation of Buddhist Texts

IITBT hosts Buddhist text translation projects, translation-based seminars and lectures, and a certificate program that nurture individuals to become translator-practitioners.

Sudhana Center

DRBU’s satellite Campus in downtown Ukiah, which serves as a multi-purpose venue space for community events, retreats, and student residence.

Institute for World Religions

The Institute for World Religions offers programs designed to bring various religious traditions into discourse with each other and to support local and global interfaith initiatives.