At DRBU, student activities are driven by you! Each incoming group of students shapes our campus culture by founding new clubs and creating new activities for the student body to join. From Three Treasures Tea Club and Art Synergy Club to weekend camping and rock-climbing trips, find your place outside of the classroom. 

Student Activities

Spending Quality Time Together

From board game nights to movie nights to monthly birthday parties that celebrate members of our community, there are plenty of opportunities to relax, hang out, and take a break from the hard work of studying.

Serving the Community

Whether it’s cooking and serving meals or helping to clean up the parks, we strive to be of service to the local community.

Exploring Northern California

We regularly host hiking trips, camping trips, rock-climbing trips, and more opportunities for students to explore our beautiful surroundings.

Staying Active

We stay active through hiking, biking, weight lifting, playing recreational sports, and more.

Recent Student Clubs

Three Treasures Tea Club

At each Tea Club meeting, we sample a variety of premium teas from regions such as China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hawaii, and India. The gatherings are a combination of learning about tea and tasting and appreciating tea.

Chinese Speaking Club

This club focuses on helping members learn simple everyday Chinese phrases that can be used in our diverse Chinesespeaking community. We practice pinyin, pronunciation, tones, sentence constructions, and investigate into Chinese culture.

Art Synergy Club

Do you like tea? Do you like music? Would you like to spend your Sunday afternoon in a space where tea, art, and instrumental music merge and synchronize with each other? Art Synergy club offers a space for open artistic expression and community gathering.