Ask the questions that matter. Through an immersive study of the world’s philosophical, spiritual, and literary traditions, you learn to think critically and creatively about complex ideas. By living and studying in a community dedicated to growth and transformation, you prepare yourself to become an active, caring, and thoughtful leader of the world.

Immerse Yourself in the Classics

Our core curriculum consists of canonical texts from Buddhism, India, China, and the West, considered to be “Great Books.” From the Dialogues of Plato to the Analects of Confucius, we approach these texts not merely as ancient literature, but as living wisdom traditions with the power to shape how we understand ourselves and the world around us.

[In Chinese Classics] the texts that really stood out were the Analects and the Daodejing. Through our discussion we were able to look really closely at what was happening in the texts. We ended up exploring ritual, filiality, the Dao, and all these other ideas with a lot of creative depth.

Abigail Anderson BA '23

The Ten Strands

In the Bachelor’s Program you take classes in ten distinct areas of study or “strands.” These include our core curriculum of Buddhist, Chinese, Indian, and Western Classics, as well as other subjects such as Mathematics, Rhetoric, and Language. We call these subjects strands to emphasize how they weave together to create an integrated tapestry of learning.

After DRBU

The goal of the BA in Liberal Arts is to educate the whole person and nurture lifelong learners who can apply their knowledge and understanding in a creative and beneficial way. We want you to leave here with the confidence that you can tackle any problem with reflection, care and flexibility.

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