Liberal education includes the study of the arts and sciences as well as the development of the individual. Its roots can be traced back to various traditions from around the world, including the seven liberal arts of ancient Greece, the six arts of classical China, and the curricula of the medieval Islamic madrasas.

At the heart of liberal education is the belief that careful study of a wide range of subjects—philosophy, literature, history, mathematics, the natural sciences, and more—can open the great storehouse of human wisdom and help us to realize our true potential.

Though timeless in spirit, liberal education must adapt itself to every new age. Our approach is designed to prepare you for the world today. We challenge you to bring what you’re learning into your everyday life and use your education as a tool for transformation: changing yourself, changing the world. We want to help you become a thoughtful, creative, compassionate leader and collaborator, no matter what path you choose.

“The university’s pedagogical aim is thus twofold: to convey knowledge and to activate an intrinsic wisdom possessed by all individuals. Such learning goes to the heart of a liberal education.”

What We Study at DRBU

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts

The curriculum for our BA in Liberal Arts spans a wide array of subjects, including classic texts from the Buddhist, Indian, Chinese, and Western traditions, as well as mathematics, natural science, music, rhetoric and writing, and language.

Master of Arts in Buddhist Classics

Our MA in Buddhist Classics dives deep into the rich canon of Buddhist texts, as well as offering a comparative study of significant and relevant texts from the Western philosophical tradition.