The University Library has been serving the DRBU community since the inception of the University in the late 1970s. Over time, the library has amassed more than 40,000 books, which includes a large collection of multiple editions of Buddhist primary texts in several scriptural languages, classical texts in Chinese, and Chinese language instruction books. In addition, it contains collections in literature, the humanities, the social sciences, and other areas.

On the first floor are found stacks for general works in English and Chinese, an audio-visual room, and a reference book area. On the second floor are housed Buddhist works, including Buddhist stacks, a reference room and study area, a dedicated room for Vinaya texts, a display room for rare Buddhist books, a computer room for information retrieval and publications searching, and a commons area.

Library tours are available to DRBU students and other users by appointment. During the library’s normal hours of operation, library staff are available to provide students and other users with information, assistance, and training on using the library. Please contact the library at for any question or additional information.

Visit the library website.