At DRBU, we recognize the power of music to uplift, inspire, and bring communities together. We are committed to providing a space for music education, appreciation, and performance, and offer several programs that aim to nurture talented musicians and promote the arts.

Current Programs

Guitar and Piano Lessons

Immerse in the art of music at DRBU with weekly guitar and piano lessons led by acclaimed instructors. Instructors include Grammy-nominated guitarist Alex de Grassi and classical pianist Elizabeth MacDougall. Explore your musical potential in engaging group sessions or in more advanced individual sessions. No prior experience required. Join us for an enriching journey in the world of music!

Past Programs

Ukiah Youth Concert

The Ukiah Youth Concert featured international young musicians from DRBU and DVGS, the Ukiah High School Jazz Band, students of pianist Elizabeth MacDougall, Ukiah High School music teacher Audrey McCombs, violinist Margie Rice, concert director and singer Sophie Wu. The concert program showcased solo and ensemble performances, dance, and music from the East and West.