DRBU Arts Initiative


Past Events

In the Moment

Date: January 30 - May 26, 2023
Location: DRBU Building first floor
Description: The In the Moment exhibition features the exuberant diversity of the Bay Area through the lens of award-winning photographer Ron Fernandez.
Arts Workshop: Friday, April 7, 12:30-1:30pm
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News from True Cultivators

Date: January 30 - May 26, 2023
Location: DRBU Building second-floor lounge
Description: The News from True Cultivators exhibition features photographs, newspaper articles, and correspondence from the 800-mile, three steps, one bow pilgrimage undertaken by DRBA President Rev. Heng Sure and DRBU Dean of Academics Martin Verhoeven in 1977.
Highway Dharma Letters: Live Arts Talk: Monday, February 13, 12:30-2:00pm
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The Source of Gratitude

Date: February 6 - May 26, 2023
Location: DRBU Building second floor
Description: The Source of Gratitude exhibition features more than 90 pieces of exquisite art by Japanese women artists Kuniko Sasaki, Waguri Kawaguchi, and Haruko Tsuji. Their work is an aesthetic homage to kami, a belief that all things and beings possess an indwelling sacredness. Through their art, they hope to evoke an understanding of ikei, a renewed respect and love of nature and a spiritual appreciation of our common cosmic harmony.
Arts Talk: Thursday, February 2, 12:30-2:00pm, DRBU Building second-floor lounge
Arts Workshops: Saturday and Sunday, February 4-5, 9:00-11:00am and 1:00-4:00pm, Art Studio
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DRBU Community Art Show 2023

Date: March 6 - May 26, 2023
Location: DRBU Building first-floor lounge
Description: The DRBU Community Art Show is an annual exhibition featuring the creativity of DRBU students, alumni, faculty, and administrators, as well as the artwork of students from the Instilling Goodness Elementary and Developing Virtue Secondary Schools.