DRBU Arts Initiative

The Arts Initiative is pleased to announce the opening of the three fall semester exhibitions.

Way of the Water’s Going features the black and white photography of Ernie Waugh and Alan Nicholson. The original gelatin silver prints are complemented by the prose and poetry of acclaimed science fiction author Ursula LeGuin and commemorate the beauty of our local landscape. 

People, Places, Things presents the art of DRBU alumna Jackie Farley. The exhibition of paintings, drawings, and art objects comprise a range of media and techniques. Dynamic strokes and color define each piece and inform the artist’s understanding of both herself and her surroundings.

Orientation features the color photography of Franklyn Wu. A years long chronicle of heres and theres, the collection of photos invites the viewer to explore the contrasts and juxtapositions that guide the artist’s orientation in the world. 

In addition to the exhibitions, the artists will be holding talks and hands-on workshops throughout the semester. Stay tuned for more information.