Local and visiting professional artists guide you in exploring your artistic voice and discovering new creative mediums— from drawing and printmaking, to Chinese brush painting and traditional Japanese paper making. Every spring you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your created works at the annual DRBU Community Art Show. 

Past Art Classes & Workshops

Bringing Buddhist Traditions to Life in Cinema

Led by documentary filmmaker Edward Burger, the workshop will explore important technical aspects of videography and sound recording, and consider ways to utilize these cinema “elements” to best give shape to our Buddhist traditions.

Basics of Pottery

Michael Owen and Sarah Kennedy Owen lead this hands-on workshop hands-on workshop on clay hand building techniques, throwing on the pottery wheel, aesthetic decorating techniques and glazing methods.

Paper Making Workshop I + II

Learn about Japanese traditional paper making methods and make handmade paper using kozo, a traditional Japanese paper material from the mulberry tree. Enjoy the texture, strength, and beauty of the Japanese paper you made by creating a card and envelope set.