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Mirror Flower Water Moon (鏡花水月)

Mirror Flower Water Moon is a print and digital magazine published two times a year. Each issue has a theme and invites submissions of visual art, academic work, personal reflections, fiction, poetry, and more. The magazine is led and edited by a team of BA and MA students. It includes works by DRBU students, faculty, staff, and our broader community. You can reach the editors at studentmag@drbu.edu.


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Spring 2021
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Cover of magazine, featuring a young women wearing a mask and sunglasses

Fall 2020
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Cover for Spring 20 Student Magazine

Spring 2020
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Cover for Fall 19 Student Magazine

Fall 2019
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Cover for Fall/Winter 18 Student Magazine

Fall/Winter 2018
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Cover for Summer 18 Student Magazine
"The Real World"
Summer 2018
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Cover for Spring 18 Student Magazine
Spring 2018
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Cover for Winter 17-18 Student Magazine
Winter 2017-2018
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Next Issue: "The Body"
Currently open for submissions at studentmag@drbu.edu
Release date: Spring 2024


Meet our Editors

Quinn | Editor Since 2020 
I really dislike writing but cling to it like a child to her mom. Writing is like a pair of tweezers, a sheet of sand paper, a grinding stone. The Magazine, in that way, is a collection of fine distillations of our community's challenging inner-work. It is one of my favorite parts about DRBU, and my only regret as an editor is not getting to see it "fresh." But the flip side is I get so familiar with the content through the weeks we spend working with it that the brilliant words of our community settle into my consciousness with a gentle yet persistent presence. Each piece of writing blossoms into a life of its own; each magazine has its own magnetism, its own grace. It kind of even makes me like writing a bit.

Phoenix | Editor Since 2021 
"The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink." - T. S. Elliot




Sehen | Editor Since 2022 
zap zap woah
i like all things art, writing, music. and poetry. poetry is cool because it's like the language of the universe, you know? it's a lot about intention, abstraction, feeling, heart, thought behind thought, things like that that remind you how colorfully arcane life is!