At DRBU we believe in the importance of promoting a peaceful, sustainable relationship to the world around us. This is present both in our educational philosophy as well as in our day to day practice of living, eating, and working together on our beautiful 700-acre redwood campus.

Running on Green Energy

Both our main campus at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (CTTB) and our Sudhana Center campus in downtown Ukiah are powered by solar energy. Our solar farm at CTTB generates enough power to support the entire CTTB campus as well as send excess energy back to the city of Ukiah.

Reducing our Impact

At DRBU we have a strong campus culture of frugality. We emphasize living simply and being mindful of the resources we consume. Our dining program aims to generate as little food waste as possible. Our comprehensive in-house recycling sorts and, whenever possible, reuses old materials.

Living in Harmony with the Natural World

Our 700-acre campus acts as a refuge for local wildlife, including deer, peacocks, wild turkey, and other migratory birds. Drawing on the Buddhist principle of non-harming, we strive not to harm any living creature, even insects! Our campus is entirely vegetarian, vastly reducing our impact on the environment.

Cultivating the Land

Our campus is home to a ten-acre organic farm. Through their work study, students have the opportunity to support the farm’s operations, gaining new valuable skills and developing a deeper connection with the land. Produce from the farm is used to supplement our dining program.