Through DRBU’s work study program, students receive financial aid while taking on a number of essential functions at DRBU and the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas monastery. Work study gives students on-the-job experience in a variety of fields as well as the chance to connect with the community in the spirit of shared service.

Build Skills and Gain Work Experience

During their time at DRBU, students work in various positions at the University and the monastery community. This opportunity offers a wide range of skills and experience that prepare students to embark on their journey after graduation.

Graduate Debt Free

DRBU has never let affordability stand between our students and their education. Over 85% of both undergraduate and graduate students receive need-based financial aid from DRBU. Our work study program allows us to keep costs low so that you can graduate debt free. 

All students are automatically considered for work study as part of their financial aid application.

In order to keep our programs affordable and encourage a sense of shared ownership and responsibility, students are given responsibility for many functions essential to the maintenance of the University’s services and spaces.

This includes key work in dining, cleaning, and campus security. Additionally, there are often positions available at the DRBU Library, in administration, and in Campus Life. Students are also assigned to positions outside DRBU, helping out with City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (CTTB) departments including the Instilling Goodness and Developing Virtue Boys’ and Girls’ Schools, buildings and grounds, and the farm.

Before the start of the semester, students will meet with the work study coordinator one-on-one to discuss their work preferences. Job assignments generally reflect students’ interests and previous experience as well as the current needs of DRBU and CTTB.

Some positions that entail a high degree of responsibility or technical expertise require previous experience. However, work study also offers students the opportunity to gain experience in fields of their interest.

The hours I spent doing chores, washing dishes, and cleaning the kitchen have taught me an unexpected lesson in gratitude. Every action I take within the context of work study is for the betterment of the community I am part of.

Warren Chew BA '22