Dining Services

Dining Services

DRBU Dining Services supports the community’s intellectual and spiritual growth by providing students, faculty, and staff with a nourishing vegetarian diet. We believe that a wholesome, modest, and sustainable diet is vital to living harmoniously with all members of our ecosystem.

The Five Contemplations Dining Hall, located centrally on CTTB campus, serves three vegetarian meals a day to DRBU faculty, staff, and students, as well as members of the monasteries and grade schools that share the CTTB campus with DRBU. The dining hall is run entirely through volunteer and work-study programs, and serves hundreds of people every day. In addition to the Dining Hall, there is a meal program for students who live at Sudhana Center, run entirely by Sudhana Center residents. 

How many meals are served?

The Five Contemplations Dining Hall serves three meals a day. The Sudhana Center Meal Program serves lunch and dinner on the weekends, and dinner on weekdays (students eat lunch at the dining hall on campus during the week). There is self-serve breakfast available at Sudhana Center and at the DRBU building every morning. 

What type of food is served?

All food served at the dining hall and at Sudhana Center will be vegetarian and free of allium (onion, garlic, scallions, shallots, chives, leeks) as per CTTB guidelines. Students will also be expected not to bring foods that do not adhere to these guidelines onto campus. 

Food served at the dining hall will vary, but will generally always include rice, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other components necessary for a healthy vegetarian diet. As the Sudhana Center Meal Program is designed and run entirely by DRBU students residing at Sudhana Center, they have the ability to decide collectively what food to prepare and serve.

What if I have specific dietary needs?

DRBU is committed to providing wholesome, healthy meals to all students. Prior to arriving on campus, students will fill out a health form, indicating allergies and other dietary restrictions or requirements. Students are encouraged to reach out to Campus Life if they would like to speak with the Dining Services coordinator about their specific needs.

When is the dining hall open?

As the dining hall is staffed entirely by volunteers and work-study students, it is unable to remain open throughout the day. The dining hall serves meals at designated times that correspond to the schedules of the different CTTB communities, including DRBU students, grade school students, and monastics. At the Five Contemplations Dining Hall, breakfast is served at 6:00 am, lunch at 11:00 am, and dinner at 5:00 pm. The Sudhana Center Meal Program serves lunch at 11:00 am, and dinner at 6:00 pm. Self-serve breakfast at DRBU and Sudhana Center is available all morning. 

Do I need to purchase a meal plan? 

The meal plan is included in a student’s room and board fees

Am I required to eat on campus?

While meals are available on campus, students are not required to attend. As Dining Services is committed to generating as little food waste as possible, if students anticipate not eating on campus, they should communicate this to Dining Services so that the amount of food prepared can be adjusted accordingly. 

What kind of work is available in Dining Services?

There are many opportunities available, through Service Scholarship, for students to participate in all aspects of the dining program, from cooking and preparing food to cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes. Working in Dining Services allows students to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities, and also fosters a sense of community.