How Financial Aid Works at DRBU

The financial aid package is determined separately from university admission. Our admissions process is need-blind. This means that the admissions committee has no information regarding the financial background of the student when making an admissions decision.

DRBU receives no subsidies or grants from the state or federal government. Students and families are expected to make a sincere and thorough effort to cover the cost of tuition plus room and board from their own resources.

If prospective students have concerns about the cost of investing in their education after reviewing their resources, they should inquire about their eligibility for applying for financial aid with the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. While the financial resources of the University are limited, the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid works closely with students and their families to determine whether they are eligible on the basis of demonstrated financial need for all available scholarships and grants.

Each financial aid request is reviewed carefully in an effort to arrive at an accurate determination of the need for financial assistance. This process takes into account each student’s family income, assets, family size, number of students in college, and other pertinent information.

For the 2024–2025 academic year, students and parents will not be asked to take out government loans as a part of the financial aid package. DRBU does not participate in federal or state financial aid programs at this time.

The financial aid process is the same for undergraduate, graduate, and translation program students.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

After you’ve started or submitted your application to DRBU, one of our admissions counselors will email you a link to apply for financial aid. You can also email for assistance.

You will receive a confirmation email from DRBU once your full application for financial aid has been received. Please allow four weeks for the application to be processed.

Deadline to Apply: Incoming students must complete their application for financial aid by March 2 of the preceding school year or within 30 days of acceptance for a degree program, whichever is later. Continuing students must complete the financial aid application annually by March 2 of the preceding school year.

Types of Aid 

All financial aid at DRBU is need-based. All students who apply for financial aid are automatically considered for the following financial aid programs:

Work Study: Students who are awarded work study are expected to work 13 hours per week in such areas as food service, buildings maintenance, grounds maintenance, the library, or office clerical work. For more information, visit our page on work study.

University Grants: DRBU provides students with University Grants to meet additional financial need. Grants are provided by generous donors who wish to offer support to accepted students who would not otherwise be able to attend. Students are not expected to repay the grants. A student must accept the maximum amount of Work Study in order to receive a University Grant.

Metta Scholarship for International Students: The Metta Scholarship for International Students is a need-based scholarship designed to support international students interested in engaging with DRBU’s unique pedagogy and course of study. Receipt of the scholarship is contingent on a student’s successful admission to the program. Scholarship funding is available for all four years of the undergraduate program and two years of the graduate program. Students must re-apply annually, and each year we review the financial needs for all students, taking into account changes in the student’s or family’s financial circumstances. We work individually with every applicant and strive to meet 100% of each student’s demonstrated financial need. All financial aid recipients are also expected to participate in DRBU’s work study program.

DRBU also offers the following need-based scholarships. Students are not automatically considered for these scholarships but must specifically apply for them:

Disaster Relief Scholarship: DRBU offers need-based scholarships for students affected by catastrophic disasters such as the Mendocino Complex Fire, Camp Fire, or Hurricane Harvey. A disaster is defined as a “sudden occurrence which inflicts widespread catastrophic damage to a large geographic area and/or which generally affects a large number of individuals.” Disasters can be both natural and human-made. The applicant must have disaster-relief status with FEMA or comparable agency, or otherwise demonstrate financial need as a result of a loss of income or livelihood, or a loss or damage to home or property. All financial aid recipients are expected to participate in the DRBU work-study program. To apply, fill out the financial aid application.

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