DRBU has a team of writing instructors to assist any student who would like help with assignments. We can help you with grammar, punctuation, word usage, writing style, and overall organization of your papers. We can go over a reading assignment with you, help you understand a writing prompt, or just be a sounding board for your ideas. Upstairs in the DRBU building there is a Writing Lab where students and tutors can have scheduled meetings to work together. Being so close to a monastic environment, we generally try to match tutors and students by gender. Students may request individual help at scheduled times by following the steps below:

1. If you do not already have a tutor, contact Tom Jacobson to be assigned one.

2. Contact your tutor by email when you want help with your assignments.

3. At the outset your tutor will discuss with you:

  • His or her preferred method of working with students

  • The hours or days he/she is available

  • The amount of advance notice he/she needs to look over a paper and discuss it with you

In your first contact with your tutor, please make sure you understand the timelines he/she needs to work within. The aim of the writing tutors is to help anyone who needs help or just wants someone to work with them on their writing, reading, and thinking skills.