The Office of Academic Affairs furthers the educational mission of DRBU by supporting and assisting its students and faculty in their pursuit of liberal education in the broad Buddhist tradition. The office oversees all areas of academic-related activities.

It is responsible for the administration of academic programs, academic policies and procedures, assessment of student learning, faculty development, and academic services.

We strive to foster a rich and supportive learning environment for our students and faculty.

Bhikshuni Jin Jr
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Stacy Chen
Associate Dean of Program Development

Martin Verhoeven
Dean of Academics

Study extensively, be learned and well read; recognize your original mind and master the Buddhas’ teachings. Graciously welcome and get along with all creatures; have no notion of ‘self’ and ‘other.’ Directly reach Bodhi, your unchanging true nature—this is called ‘the incense of liberated knowledge and understanding.

Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch
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Office of Academic Affairs