DRBU welcomes the application and participation of students with disabilities.  Once a disability, which would affect academic performance, is established, the DRBU Disability Services Coordinator will conduct an assessment with the prospective student to determine what barriers to performance exist and by what means barriers can be effectively removed. At this point a Barriers Management Plan will be written with full participation by the student setting forth:

•    Accommodations to be offered and how these will be used

•     Regular counseling at early stages to ensure barriers to learning are being removed

•    Ombudsmen services the counselor may employ to adjust problems, which might arise between student and specific Faculty members

•    Ongoing counseling, on an informal schedule, to ensure student feels mainstreamed in the program and integrated with the student community

•    Review Process, formally scheduled, to measure effectiveness of Plan at different stages to determine if accommodations need to be changed, or additional measures taken, for lifetime of student at DRBU

To establish a disability for DRBU Disability Services,  students must furnish appropriate documentation:

•    Medical records from an MD for a physical disability

•    Records from a Psychiatrist, MD, or PhD Psychologist for a psychiatric disability

•    An acceptable Psychological Evaluation from a Psychologist for a Learning Disability

DRBU will offer accommodations as feasible to all students with disabilities and has as its aim their full inclusion and success.

Please contact academic.affairs@drbu.edu if you wish to meet with a counselor.

Download the Application for Equal Access to Learning at DRBU