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Amid the rolling hills of Mendocino County lies the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, a place of refuge for the world. The City's 700 acres of meadows and woodlands are home to countless critters big and small, as well as a Buddhist monastery, boys' and girls' K-12 schools, and Dharma Realm Buddhist University, where scholar-contemplatives gather together to share in the work (and play!) of self-inquiry, in dialogue with the momentous works of all ages.

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The SW 123 Building, renovated in 2017, is DRBU’s main hub, where most classes and clubs are held.
This multipurpose complex, nestled in downtown Ukiah, includes dormitories, study and rec spaces, a Buddha hall, a courtyard, and a large kitchen where students join together in cooking and cleaning.
This bright, airy dormitory at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas includes study and rec spaces, a meditation room, and a kitchenette.
In 2019, DRBU alumni and volunteers took a cluttered and unused area behind the 123 building and transformed it into everybody’s new favorite spot—total makeover.
For students on the grind, DRBU’s Chan Hall offers a getaway throughout the day, a quiet place for calm and contemplation.
Get your hands dirty at our organic farm!
Ukiah is home to many beautiful parks where students can picnic, play sports, or lounge in the grass with a good book and a breeze.
The City of Ten Thousand Buddha isn’t just for people!
A popular place for students to study and hang out, to make art or even take a nap during the day.
The awesome Mountain Gate, adorned with guardian statues, marks the entrance to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.
With its open space and simple, uplifting design, Sudhana Center’s Buddha hall says, “Take a deep breath and reflect.”
The heart of the City is the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas, where ten thousand Buddhas line the walls, each and every one handmade by DRBU’s founder, Master Hsuan Hua. Such patience, perseverance, and care are essential to the spiritual life.
Enjoy tours of DRBU through student-made videos!