Summer Study Abroad

Welcome to Summer Study Abroad at Dharma Realm Buddhist University!

Are you looking to expand your education and immerse yourself in different cultures? We recommend three unique summer abroad options for DRBU students to consider: studying Mandarin in Taiwan, Sanskrit in Nepal, and classical texts in Rome, Italy. 

In Taiwan, students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Chinese language and culture, studying Mandarin and gaining a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese customs and way of life. Students will take classes in Mandarin language and culture and will have the opportunity to visit historical and cultural sites and participate in traditional customs.

Nepal, with its rich cultural heritage, offers students the unique opportunity to study Sanskrit, a classical language of Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain texts. Students will have the opportunity to study and learn from scholars and teachers in Nepal and immerse themselves in the culture and history of the region.

Rome, the eternal city, offers students the chance to study classical texts in their original setting. Students will have the opportunity to study texts from ancient Greek and Roman literature, philosophy, and history in their original context, while exploring the famous art and architecture of Rome.

Summer study abroad programs cannot be taken for DRBU credit nor are they officially sponsored by DRBU, but there are scholarships available to help cover some costs. Email with any questions.