Work Study


Work Study (Service Scholarship)

DRBU’s Work Study program allows students to receive financial aid through a work study program in which students take on a number of essential functions at DRBU and the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (CTTB). Work study not only gives students the opportunity to gain work experience in a variety of fields, but also the chance to connect with the DRBU and CTTB communities in the spirit of shared service. Work study is an integral part of the DRBU experience as it allows students the opportunity to put into practice the myriad self-transformative principles learned in the classroom. Learn more about our financial aid programs here

How do I apply for Work Study?

All students are automatically considered for Work Study as part of their financial aid application. 

What kind of jobs are available? 

In order to keep our programs affordable and encourage a sense of shared ownership and responsibility, students are tasked with carrying out many of the essential functions that are necessary for the maintenance of the University’s services and spaces. This includes key work in dining, cleaning, and campus security. Additionally, there are often work positions available at the DRBU Library, in administration, and in Campus Life. Students will also take on various positions in CTTB departments outside of DRBU, including the Jyun Kang restaurant, the Boys and Girls Schools, Building and Grounds Maintenance, and the CTTB farm. 

How is my job assigned? 

Before the beginning of the semester, students will have the opportunity to meet individually with the Work Study coordinator in order to discuss their work preferences. Job assignments will typically reflect a mix of the students’ interests and previous experience, as well as DRBU and CTTB’s current needs. 

Do I need to have previous experience?

Some positions that entail a high degree of responsibility or technical expertise will require some experience. However, Work Study also serves as an opportunity for students to gain experience in a field of their interest. 

“The hours I spent doing chores, washing dishes, and cleaning the kitchen have taught me an unexpected lesson in gratitude. When I am scrubbing the grime and food off a dirty dish, it is not because I am annoyed at its dirtiness and would prefer to see clean, spotless, and more pleasant looking dishware; I do it for the sake of others. Every action I take within the context of service scholarship is for the betterment of the community I am part of.” - Warren BA ‘22