Enrollment Changes

Leave of Absence

Any degree student in good academic standing may request a leave of absence from the Office

of Academic Affairs. A leave of absence may be granted for up to a maximum of one full academic year at a time. Students must submit the request for leave of absence no later than the end of the thirteenth week of instruction during which the leave takes effect. Registration for the current semester will be cancelled for a student who is granted a leave of absence. Degree students who take an approved leave of absence while in good academic standing may return to the University within the specified time without applying for readmission. Upon returning, students need to resume their studies with the appropriate courses for their integrated curriculum. Students who do not return from a leave within the specified time will be withdrawn from the University and will be required to apply for readmission.


Withdrawal from the University

Deciding whether or not to withdraw from the University is a difficult and serious decision. Students who are considering withdrawing from the University are encouraged to discuss the issue with family, friends, counselors, academic advisors, professors, and academic deans before making a final decision. Students who withdraw from the University and wish to return after an extended period of absence must apply for readmission.

Students who decide to withdraw during the academic year should make an appointment to discuss the matter with the Dean of Academics. Students obtain the signature of the Dean for the official form to withdraw, indicating that a meeting with the Dean has taken place. Students who are withdrawing for medical reasons should submit a supporting document written by attending medical professionals. Students who decide to withdraw when school is not in session should contact the Office of the Registrar directly to arrange the withdrawal process.

Students requesting to withdraw from the University must fill out the Request for Withdrawal from Degree Program form at the Office of Academic Affairs. The form will then be reviewed by the Dean of Academics.

Students who withdraw during an academic term prior to the end of the thirteenth week of instruction effectively cancel their registration and grades in all subjects for that term. Students who withdraw after the thirteenth week of instruction will receive a grade for the courses in which they were registered. The Dean, in consultation with a student’s professors, will decide what grades the student will receive. A student who stops attending classes and leaves the University without officially withdrawing is subject to failing grades.

Students withdrawing should review the Refund Policy for information on refunds and consult the Director of Financial Aid for consequences regarding financial aid awards.



The readmissions process is designed to verify that the student is ready to return successfully to DRBU. Former students contemplating a return to DRBU should schedule an appointment with the Dean of Academics no later than one month prior to the application submission to discuss the process and criteria for readmission. A copy of the Application for Readmission may be obtained from the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. Readmission applications should be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The application is reviewed by the Admissions Committee in conjunction with the Dean of Academics. Students will be notified of the readmission decision in six weeks. Since readmission is not guaranteed, students are encouraged to develop contingency plans in the event that their application is denied.

Readmitted students who withdrew while on academic probation will return on probation and are required to follow the procedure set forth in the academic probation policy.

Students should contact the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid as soon as they are considering readmission. Financial aid may be available for readmitted students, provided the applicant demonstrates sufficient financial need and applies by the appropriate deadline. Applying for financial aid should be done after readmission has been granted.