Yihuan Shih holds a MA in Performance Studies from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Her fields of study include the Avant Garde theater, Performance in Everyday Life, Performance and Healing, intercultural, inter-generic, and interdisciplinary performing arts.

She also holds a BA in Mass Communication with a focus on radio and TV production and newspaper and magazine publishing. After graduate school, she applied for internships in a New York Advertising & Marketing company, International Daily newspapers, and the World TV station. Later, she became a news broadcaster, producer, and daily show host at New York Chinese Radio Station.

In her spare time, she also worked as a commercial voice-over actress. Ever since she discovered “Three Steps, One Bow” pilgrimage journals by Rev. Heng Sure and Heng Ch’au (Martin Verhoeven) and Avatamsaka Sutra, she realized that she has found the most genuine and beautiful and avant-garde “Art”.

An active volunteer in the Buddhist Text Translation Society since 2009. An instructor at the Dharma Realm Buddhist University since 2014.