My career in education started in 1963 when I became a second-grade teacher in East Harlem in New York City. After nine years as a public school teacher, I moved with my husband to California to study Buddhism with Master Hua. After receiving my Ph.D. in Language and Literacy from the School of Education at UC Berkeley, I began working in teacher education, first at UC Berkeley and then for many years with Dominican University at their Ukiah campus. During those years I helped out at the schools at CTTB, helping to develop the curriculum, serving on the School board, and mentoring and providing professional development for teachers. I first began working for DRBU on a part-time basis, helping develop assessment practices, then eventually stepped into the role of president in 2014.

When I am not working at DRBU I enjoy playing the piano, reading, gardening, knitting, and visiting my two grandchildren in Houston.


B. A., Wellesley College, 1962
M. Ed., Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, 1963
Ph. D., University of California, Berkeley, School of Education, 1981


Director, Dominican University of California, Ukiah Campus Credential Programs, 1988–2000
Professor, Dharma Realm Buddhist University, 1989–2011
Assistant Professor of Education, Dominican University of California, 1989–1992
Associate Professor of Education, Dominican University of California, 1992–1997
Professor of Education, Dominican University of California, 1997–2000
Professor Emerita, Dominican University of California, 2011–


Teaching the Young Child: a Handbook of Open Classroom Practice. Agathon Press, New York. 1975; second edition 1983.


Margaret Lynch Exemplary Service Award, California Reading Association