I came to higher education via an unconventional route. I graduated from Stanford (with an M.S. in Material Science and Engineering) in 2001 as the first dot-com bubble was about to burst. Two months after graduation, I left the startup I helped found while at Stanford and began working as a research and development engineer at silicon IC manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

Four years later, I joined SRIC-BI, a spinoff consultancy of Stanford Research Institute International, as a strategic planning consultant specializing in R&D agenda planning for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

I came to DRBU in Fall 2010, just as the university began to work intensively toward regional accreditation. I have a personal connection to DRBU and its parent organization DRBA. I attended and graduated from Developing Virtue Secondary School, which shares the same campus as DRBU, and I have been a member of DRBA’s governing board since 2000. In addition to the accreditation work, I enjoy teaching outside of my background in DRBU’s integrated, all-required curriculum.


M.S. in Material Science and Engineering, Stanford University, CA 2001
B.S. in Joint Honour Math and Physics, McGill University, 1999


Assistant Professor, Dharma Realm Buddhist University, Ukiah, CA 2013-present
Accreditation Liaison Officer, Dharma Realm Buddhist University, Ukiah, CA 2010-present
Senior Consultant, Stanford Research Institute Consulting – Business Intelligence, 2005-2010
Research Yield Engineer, Advanced Micro Devices, 2001-2005
Co-founder, Courtroom Connect, 2001


Liberal Education in the Board Buddhist Tradition: Vision and Seminal Texts. “What is A Liberal Education For”–St John’s College Santa Fe Campus 50th Anniversary Conference, October 2014, Santa Fe, NM

Professional Affiliations and Honors


  • “Wafer level global bitmap characterization in integrated circuit technology development”; granted 2006; patent# 7137085
  • “Characterizing distribution signatures in integrated circuit technology“; granted 2006; patent# 7099789
  • “System and method for processing tester information and visualization for parameter with multiple distributions in integrated circuit technology development”; granted 2005; patent# 6907379

Board of Directors, Dharma Realm Buddhist Association. 2000 – present


“The Making of Asian Core Texts Programs in the 21st Century”–ACTC Conference on Global General Education and Asian Texts: What should students read? July 2018, Irvine, CA