Dharma Realm Buddhist University Takes Important Step Toward Accreditation

Aug 1 2016

  Download Press ReleaseDharma Realm Buddhist University, an innovative Buddhist-grounded institution located at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Talmage, California, has recently taken a...

2015-2016 – The year in photos

Jun 13 2016

Enjoy a collection of photos from the 2015-2016 school year. This slideshow was orginally presented during the 2016 graduation ceremony.

#MakeVirtueViral: A Graduation Speech for Uncertain Times

Jun 7 2016

In his address to the 2016 class at DRBU, ServiceSpace founder Nipun Mehta makes a case for the power of stilling the mind, deepening awareness and practicing what he calls the 3 S...

2016 年度校訊

May 19 2016

  下載 PDF  English2016年5月18日法界佛教大學的摯友們 :過去一年來,法界佛教大學在多項推展方面,深獲成功,法大的校園裡洋溢著令人振奮的氣息,此外我們對於法大的展望更寄予十分熱衷的心情,因此我們很高興有此機會跟您匯報,並分享法界佛教大學的未來規劃。宣公上人在1976年建立法大,今年正是法界佛教大學創校40週年的紀念。從建校初期至今,...

2016 Annual Letter

May 19 2016

  Download PDF  中文May 19, 2016Dear Friends of DRBU,The campus of Dharma Realm Buddhist University is abuzz with excitement about the many successes of the past year and enthusiasm for...

Students and Authors on the Environment

Apr 12 2016

The third Forum on Ethics and the Environment was recently hosted at DRBU. The forum, entitled Environmental Inspiration from the Great Books: Approaching Modern Issues with Wisdom from the Classics...

First Meditation Class at Sudhana Center

Feb 2 2016

Thirty-five people attended the first meditation class at the Sudhana Center on Sunday, January 31st.  Bhikshuni Heng Chih, Professor Emerita at Dharma Realm Buddhist University, led the two-...

Meditation Class at New Sudhana Center in Ukiah

Jan 19 2016

UKIAH, California, January 19, 2016 — A Sunday evening meditation class will be offered free to the public at the new Dharma Realm Buddhist University Sudhana Center, formerly the Trinity...

Future DRBU Building Renovation Begins

Dec 29 2015

By Stan Shoptaugh文: 史丹·沙普塔夫Chinese Translation by Shiyu You中譯: 游世裕People with clipboards, tape measures, and large rolls of paper stand across the street from Building 123. Everyone talks...

Solaris Project Performs at Sudhana Center

Dec 10 2015

On December 7, the Solaris Project, which describes itself as a “collaboration of seeker-songwriters on a mission of musical inspiration,” performed to a full house at the Sudhana...