Three Heart-Warming and Profound Illustrated Books to Introduce Your Little One to Buddhism

Dec 14, 2020

These colorful books allow children to learn some basics of Buddhism and to get to know their own potential to be calm, caring, and peaceful.

November in Photos (And Words!)

Dec 8, 2020

We asked our community to share a photo or words in response to the question:  "What are you grateful for?" See what they appreciate! 

How to Bridge The Divide?

Dec 8, 2020

We asked Professor Doug Powers for his thoughts on the recent election and the psychology of American politics. How can we bridge the divide in the US today? 

We Are Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey - An Interview with Board Member Peggy Brevoort

Dec 8, 2020

Peggy has led a beautiful life following her dreams, together with her late husband Bill: they dropped out of mainstream society in the 60's for spiritual pursuits, bought Buddha Root Farm in 1971,...

hint of haze—sjon '24

Nov 17, 2020

there is no hint of haze on the nose. the air is crisp with a pine aromatic. the body is thin, with no humidity, and the content is dry; yet the flavor of the day is full and round, the way mid-...

Contemporary Buddhist Tunes For Awakening (+bonus tracks!)

Nov 9, 2020

Our association has been blessed with talented musician-monastics that have written and recorded dozens of original Buddhist songs.

A Musical Offering

Nov 9, 2020

We asked our community to share a little of their musical side! What is musical creativity for you? What is your experience of making music? What's your history with music?

Clarify Your Stances and Ride the Waves with Prajna Murdaya

Nov 9, 2020

A lifelong "card carrying" Buddhist, Prajna brings us along on his journey from discord to harmony, from unhappily running a shoe factory, to joyously building the largest concert hall in Indonesia....

Guided Meditations on Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity

Oct 19, 2020

The Fall 2020 CEI, “Awakening is not Apart from this World,” centered on the Four Limitless Minds: Loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity.

Finding Joy in Cultivation

Oct 17, 2020

Dharma Master Chih gave a talk on the topic of joy to the DRBU community during our recent Contemplative Exercise Immersion. Below is an excerpt: