Where Do I Go From Here?— Xuan TC'21

Oct 6, 2020

I’ve been home in South Florida ever since DRBU made it mandatory for all students to shelter-in-place elsewhere. While this occurred six months ago, I still remember splaying out on the bed in my...

What is Sacred Space? An Interview with Prof. Doug Powers

Oct 5, 2020

Professor Doug Powers lead daily lectures for our Fall '20 CEI on Sacred Space, and we asked him some questions about  the significance of sacred space and the brahmavihāras. I guess a good...

I Was Raised On Fiction—Phoenix BA'23

Oct 5, 2020

I was raised on fiction.I remember as a small child listening with wide eyes and an excited heart as my parents read thick books to me (Just one more chapter, please!) enthralled by the adventures of...

Student Reflections On DRBU's Infinite Heart Retreat

Oct 5, 2020

DRBU held its beloved Contemplative Exercise Immersion (CEI) during the week of September 14 focusing on cultivating the brahmavihāras within the realm of sacred space. Students, faculty, and staff...

Guided Meditations on Loving-Kindness and Compassion

Oct 5, 2020

The Fall 2020 Contemplative Exercise Immersion, “Awakening is not Apart from this World,” centered on the Four Limitless Minds: Loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. During...

Planning a Contemplative Exercise Immersion: An Interview with Organizing Faculty

Oct 5, 2020

We spoke with DRBU faculty members Yihuan Shih and Lauren Bausch about the inspiration behind this year’s contemplative exercise immersion (CEI). Where did the idea for this CEI come from? Where...

September in Photos

Oct 5, 2020

We asked our DRBU community to share what they consider sacred space. See what they shared!

Apathy In Quarantine—Warren BA'22

Oct 3, 2020

I’m huddled in the corner of my bed and wrapped up in blankets, scrolling through the news on my phone—America is rapidly deteriorating in all areas of society, and chaos is the new norm—or at least...

From Freedom Riding to Freeing Oneself with Carol Ruth Silver

Aug 31, 2020

The following is an interview with Carol Ruth Silver, a DRBU board member. This is a transcribed spoken interview that has been edited for clarity and brevity.Tell us about yourself.My name is Carol...

August in Photos

Aug 30, 2020

How do we create a safe and supportive environment during Covid-19 times?  Get a glimpse of the meticulous planning and preparation, the socially-distanced orientation, and the now post-...