Author  DRBU Staff

The Annual Student Symposium is an annual celebration for the entire university community to come together—students, faculty, staff, and friends—to hear about what students have been learning and exploring in their classes. Check out this year’s photos and presentations!


8:50 Opening Remarks: DRBU President Susan Rounds

9:00-9:40 Session 1: Self-Cultivation & Liberation

Recitation: Khandha Paritta (From the Snake-King’s Discourse)

(Kittisaro Weinberg, Ajahn Kovilo, Monica Wei, Wenbo Yin, Blake Plante, Nhut Huynh, Sanju Baral, Enran Xing, Bishnu Bhatta)

What Does It Mean to “Take Refuge”? (Bhikshuni Fa Ji, MA)

Understanding Karma by Reason (MingHui Pan, MA)

9:40 Break

9:50-10:45 Session 2: Yogacara & Self-Awareness

Dhammapada Memorization Fun! (Ajahn Kovilo, BA)

Looking for the Two Fundamentals in the Yogacara System (Ziqian Feng, MA)

Where the Little Dot Shines (Xi Xue, MA)

Samadhi, Yogacara, and Us (Kathleen Irby, MA)

2:00-3:20 Session 3: Self, Others, and the Cultivation of Virtue 

Self and Awareness in Virtue Cultivation (Monica Wei, BA)

Moral Cultivation of a Man in an Unhappy Environment (Irina Passar, BA)
Mengzi on Self-cultivation: Wisdom through Reflection (Bishnu Bhatta, BA)

Floodlike Qi and Its Intriguing Way of Cultivation (Xuan Bach Nguyen, BA)

Mengzi on Turning (Sehen Dilkush Gamhewa, BA)

3:40-4:35 Session 4: Life, Death, and Love 

Performance: Chopin, Nocturne in E-flat major, op.9, no. 2 (Feishan Chong, MA)

Recitation: William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29 (Blake Plante, MA)

You’re Already Dead, God is a Graveyard, and You Should Drink Your Brain (Phoenix Winters, BA)

The Death of Śambūka (Alex Valdes, BA)

Recitation: Lotus Sutra, Chapter on Avalokiteśvara (Sanju Baral, Ziqian Feng, Alex Valdes, Blake Plante)

4:25 Closing Remarks