Author  DRBU Staff

On February 24, 2019, DRBU hosted the Second Annual Student Symposium which featured seventeen students from all the undergraduate and graduate programs. 

The event featured the following panels:

  • Opening
  • Cultivating Transformation
  • Change Yourself
  • Change the World
  • The True Inner, Good Advisor
  • Explorations in Interpretation

Each student presented a paper with topics spanning the four major strands of study at DRBU: Buddhist, Chinese, Indian, and Western Classics. After presenting, students answered audience questions. Students introduced concepts expounded in Buddhist primary texts such as Hiri-ottappa, or conscience and concern, detailed in Pali suttas and explored the “Good and Wise Advisor,” introduced in the Sixth Patriarch’s Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra. In the Explorations in Interpretation panel, a student illuminated the subtleties of language by exploring the “finger pointing to the moon” analogy. The last presenter ended by leading the audience in singing a poetic song after exploring philosopher Martin Heidegger’s remarks on language.