Author  DRBU Staff

Dafeng, Jiangsu Province in P.R.China.

What were you doing before attending the Translation Certificate program at DRBU?
After graduating from the MA program at DRBU, I felt inspired to join the Translation Certificate program to continue to study the teachings of Dharma and also to deepen my personal practices.

Challenges I faced:
To translate a text or a commentary in a group is the most engaging and dynamic process in translation. It can be challenging at times as well. In the process, I’ve not only learned about translation but also a lot of self-revelation. The group process can provide very valuable “materials” for self-cultivation. 🙂

How has the Translation Certificate program changed you?
I feel inspired to do more translation when I read a passage in a text or commentary that speaks to me deeply. To understand the text takes time, and to do a good translation of that text may take even more time. But the time that’s been put in is very spiritually nourishing.

Describe a daily practice if you have one:
Joining morning and evening ceremonies; bowing and sitting meditation; community work.

How do you see what you’re learning here carrying out into the world?
To continue to learn to speak and share the Dharma to more people in a more skillful way.