Author  DRBU Staff

“It felt like meditation! My mind, body, and attention were challenged in the best possible way. I also really loved watching everyone push through their fears. DM Heng Yin glided from above the rocks like a superhero—this image will forever inspire me! Everyone supported each other by belaying each other’s climb, a great trust-building exercise!” – Sanju (MA ‘23)

“Great activity for a full-body workout. Rock climbing proved to be an effective training in soothing the mind.” – Irina (BA ‘26)

“It was great to spend some time out in nature, with some really scenic views. The best view, though, was the view from the top after climbing up the rock face—the payoff from the hard work. I really enjoyed the day; it was a mix of fun and fear and excitement and a great way to challenge my expectations.” – James (MA ‘22)

“This is a spectacular experience. I love this event so much that I have climbed all four routes and reclimbed the one that I slipped on. The view was amazing, the instructors, Kevin and Brenda, were so helpful and effusive; they made my experience perfect as their appearance is like a 100% safety net for us to enjoy this sport. Thank you very much.” – Bach (BA ‘26)

“I am so grateful that I had this opportunity to go rock climbing with fellow DRBU-ers, because I don’t think I would have this kind of opportunity otherwise (I only have friends who would do indoor rock climbing). I appreciate that food, transportation and equipment were all provided for and that we had a great guide to teach us. The hike up to the rock was beautiful, as were the views from the rock. The climbing challenged me, but never overwhelmed. So fun! Would do it again.” – Alice (MA ‘23)