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A.I.! It’s everywhere! It’s on everyone’s mind.

That’s why we’re hosting an event with Nipun Mehta of ServiceSpace, who has been thinking about some of the hard questions on this topic.

If you missed the event, you can check out the recording below to hear about his incredible response to AI and ServiceSpace’s efforts to make advanced A.I. that can serve and help humanity.

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Nipun Mehta’s Bio

Nipun Mehta is the founder of – an incubator of projects that support gift culture. He has received numerous accolades throughout his life, including being appointed by President Obama to a council for social change, being recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as an “Unsung Hero of Compassion”, and Germany’s OOOM magazine naming him one of the 100 Most Inspiring People of 2020.

In his mid-twenties, Nipun quit a promising career in the tech sector to become a “full-time volunteer.” He hasn’t charged for his labor for the past 15 years, choosing instead to nurture a lifestyle and ecosystem based on generosity and service, as opposed to transaction and exploitation. In the process, his work has reached millions, attracted more than 500 thousand volunteers, and mushroomed into numerous projects like DailyGood, Awakin Circles, and Karma Kitchen.

Nipun’s self-proclaimed mission statement in life is to “bring smiles in the world and stillness in my heart.”

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