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Quotes from the New Students:

“‘Bach’ in Vietnamese is the name of a tree. My parents named me ‘Bach’ as a wish that I could be an honest and moral person such as the tree…I’m deeply into working and studying in a tranquil environment …in the woods.” — Bach (BA1)

“I come from a Buddhist family, but I am still on my way to explore my faith. So I went to a Christian high school, and now I am here at DRBU. DRBU is attractive to me because of its teaching philosophy and peaceful vibe.” — Monica (BA1)

“I am from Nepal, and I love to play the bamboo flute. I believe in working on oneself and looking after each other is a way to live our lives. I also love to have heartfelt conversations with people… I hope DRBU and the community would be of great help in self-cultivation. With this cultivation, I hope our world could be made a virtuous place.” — Bishnu (BA1)

“Some might think I’m crazy to be undertaking this Master’s degree at 70 years old, but I think I’m very fortunate indeed to have this precious opportunity to be a student again. The founder of DRBU, Master Hsuan Hua, has been a huge inspiration in my life, and I’m delighted to be joining the stream of blessings that he set in motion.” — Kittisaro (MA1)

“I have been a seeker all my life and have explored many religions, careers, and locations. I enjoy the variety and sameness of the world. These days, I explore less in the outer world and focus more on my inner world. I’m attending DRBU because I’m interested in how humans, specifically myself, lack awareness and control of themselves.” — Ben (MA1)

“After resigning as a marketing manager of a technology university in Vietnam, I had ridden solo on a scooter along the coast of the country for many days to see how people live, reflect on myself, and find an answer to a tough question: ‘What is the ultimate destination of my life?’ I then started to learn different ways of meditation…completely stopped eating animal meat, practiced renunciation of being a star of my own movie, and voluntarily worked and fundraised for monasteries and orphanages. The more effort I put into this new spiritual path, the stronger and happier I feel.” — An MA1 Student

“I intend to enhance my practice and knowledge in Buddhism during my time in DRBU, and hope they provide a good foundation and guidance for the rest of my life.” — Sophie (MA1)

“I found my way to CTTB some time ago. My experience was profound. Quite suddenly my world became bigger. Since then I have had a yearning to return and learn more closely the content offered by DRBU with integration of practice.” — Sheryl (MA1)

“I hope to alleviate my afflictions and become a better person during my time in DRBU. And I hope to always be mindful of Amitabha’s name and never forget the blessings that I’ve received from the Buddha and all living beings.” — Enran (MA1)

“I’m a multilingual teacher who also teaches Chinese traditional culture, dance, and music. Due to this pandemic, I worked and lived alone in an apartment in Italy for over two years. It made me reflect seriously upon life and death and the true meaning of life. Studying at DRBU enables me to have a deeper encounter with Dharma, learn how to apply it in my life to help myself and others.” — Shayue (MA1)

“Since college, I have been studying music performance. It was from encountering Venerable Master Hua’s teachings and communicating with Dharma Masters, faculty members, and students from DRBU that I realized it has been a hidden Dharma door for me and many others. Hopefully, everyday I will be looking forward to stepping into DRBU’s classrooms through the its doors and practicing the doors of intimate Dharma.” — An MA1 Student

Translation program:

“I’m an earnest meditator and wish to learn Buddhadharma. I’m excited about the Translation Program and look forward to some rich, nourishing, or perhaps challenging exchanges.” — Anonymous (TC’23)