Author  Nahelia Aguilar-Castillo

I´ve been thinking about how to express my feelings and just recently I found an interview with the tibetan nun, Tenzin Palmo. This was was her reply when the topic of her eight-month isolation in caves was touched upon:

¨… it has this whole idea of identity of the roles which we normally play. If one is relating with others, one is relating within a role, even if it’s male or female, one’s profession, mother, daughter, husband, wife, etc. We all have these other roles which we are playing for others and when someone is in solitude, specially when one is looking inside, then, it gives a chance for all these various identifications to be peeled away because why bother to play roles to oneself? It gives you the space for more deep layers of consciousness to arise…¨

My reflection for this time is that it was a great chance to get in touch with myself in a beautiful way. I encountered parts of myself that I had forgotten. It was a painful and harmonious moment for recognition and growth for me that I will treasure for a long time.