Author  DRBU Staff

In October, DRBU Campus Life and student workers organized DRBU’s first camping trip. Students, joined by a few faculty and staff members, shared their reflections afterwards. As one faculty member shared, “Sleeping, walking, meditating, and eating together in Nature provided perfect conditions for a deep relaxation of the mind/heart.” Connections to self, each other, and Nature were greatly deepened.

Sanju Baral (MA Class of 2023)
“We got to experience all four elements on this camping trip! Sleeping on the ground and walking on the dirt road made me feel more grounded and connected to the earth element. Singing and sharing around the campfire, I felt the balance of the fire element. We also found a small creek to dip our feets and feel a connection with the water element. And finally, we all made our unique music in the air by rotating one of the world’s oldest musical instruments. To me, this was a way to connect with the air element! To sum it up, the trip was invigorating!

Nhut Huynh (MA Class of 2024)

“The trip was cozy. The matter is not where I go but who I go with. I really enjoyed the time when we were together during our cooking and meal time, walking in the woods, sleeping on a huge log in the forest, singing and making creative melodies around the camping fire, and sharing our stories. All of you really made the trip hygge. Many thanks!”

Bishnu (BA Class of 2026)

“Since this was my first camping trip, I had no idea how it would turn out. In fact, I thought maybe we were going into the wild, but surprisingly everything was organized. It was wonderful to be off campus and get to know each other more deeply than we thought we knew each other sharing our stories around the fire. Some of us went in search of a river, and we found it. We swimmed across, which was refreshing. I am looking forward to doing more camping trips in the future.”

Xiaojuan (Staff/Alumna Class of 2020)

“Morning meditation in the forest was grounding and refreshing; cooking, eating, and cleaning up together in nature created a natural sense of community; sharing around the fire about our lives deepened our connections outside campus. Very grateful for everyone who helped behind the scenes and everyone who participated.”

Sarah Babcock (Faculty) 
“It was a delightful experience to join our students in this wholesome and inspiring gathering in the redwoods of Humboldt County. The care and respect that everyone showed each other impressed me as much as the majestic trees. Sleeping, walking, meditating, and eating together in Nature provided perfect conditions for a deep relaxation of the mind/heart. I came away feeling a bit more at ease with myself. I hope that this can become an annual event!”

Bach (BA Class of 2026)
“A refreshing shower, both physical and mental, will be a perfect simile for this camping trip. Not only because this trip helps me to become way more energetic than a normal day, but also because of the gathering around the fire wood. It’s a notable place for reflection and practicing mindfulness. Furthermore, I love the way everyone helps and assists each other, from very little things like holding the torch in the night for others to quite big things like building up the camp, cooking, and making firewood. I really appreciate the effort everyone spent to participate in this amazing event, and especially, I’d like to send a great “thank you” to Blake, Abigail, and others who helped to organize this camping trip. I’m looking forward to our future events.”

Ben Sandel (MA Class of 2024)
“Our camping trip proved that people can come together in an organic way to make new, refreshing, happy, and easy experiences for everyone. We all helped and benefited even more, but thanks especially to Blake and Abigail for putting it together. The simple and natural life highlighted our essence individually and as a group. It made for good memories and bonds with very special people that still make my heart smile.”

Blake Plante (MA Class of 2023)
“A fun time, refreshing, nourishing, and fulfilling. Everybody was so generous in setting this up—most of our gear was lent or donated, and the school was very supportive in putting the event together. I was really thankful for the way everyone naturally contributed to cooking, cleaning, setting up and taking down, etc.—it was a very harmonious and flexible camping environment. I’m really thankful for our late-night sharing circle around the fire and our walks through the redwoods. I especially enjoyed some time spent alone on a hammock under the redwoods, resting and reading. I felt rejuvenated and grounded by the camping trip—and very excited for future ones!”