Author  DRBU Student

Every Friday evening at DRBU, Sudhana Center buzzes with the irresistible scent of handmade pizzas. To the uninitiated it might sound like any typical pizza night gathering. But for those of us entrenched in the daily grind of DRBU life, it’s nothing short of a weekly celebration. It’s a collective exhale after cruising the rollercoaster of happy and not-so-happy moments, successful and not-so-successful classes, and the seesaw of work-study commitments.

Sudhana Center transforms every Friday into a party-festive haven. And here I am, not as a partygoer, but as a humble kitchen warrior on Friday nights. My official duty? Washing pots and pans. But let me tell you, even though I’m physically tethered to the kitchen, my mind and spirit are right there with the pizza-fueled party.

As the clattering of utensils in the Sudhana Center kitchen sets the stage, the anticipation of moments among students, staff, and faculty grows. It’s more than just a pizza night; it’s a communion of spirits, a moment where the highs and lows of the week dissolve into a shared experience of joy.

Now, you may think washing dishes on a Friday night doesn’t sound like the pinnacle of fun. But here’s the thing: every tray, pot, and pan I scrub is like a ticket to the party. As I tackle the aftermath of the pizza-making extravaganza, I’m not just elbow-deep in soapy water; I’m elbow-deep in the collective spirit of DRBU. The clinking of utensils, the sizzle of pizza crusts – it’s like a symmetry that holds the heartbeat of our unique community.

Once the last tray is shiny and the kitchen falls silent, it’s my cue to step into the Sudhana Center party, a place that transforms from a culinary battleground to a haven of laughter and togetherness. I join the pizza night, feeling like I’ve been part of the party since the first dough was rolled. The laughter, the shared stories, and the warmth of companionship become the extra toppings on our communal pizza – a collage of memories that lingers long after the last slice disappears.

What’s truly magical about this pizza night is how it enfolds the core values and mission of DRBU. The community, contemplation, holistic, and liberal education aren’t just lofty ideals here; they’re lived experiences around that dinner table and on the ever-versatile sofa. The diversity in activities – from deep conversations to goofy dances – mirrors the inclusive and vibrant vibe that defines the DRBU spirit.

In the oscillation of DRBU life, Friday Pizza Night is a shadow of our resilient spirit. It’s a reminder that amid the chaos of assignments, readings, and the occasional existential crisis, there’s always room for joy. We share that joy, one slice at a time. So here’s to the fleeting moments of happiness, the victories and defeats, and the lasting friendships that make every Friday Pizza Night at DRBU a celebration worth savoring.