Author  DRBU Staff

In their spare time outside of studying, spiritual practice, and service scholarship, students at DRBU often participate in community building activities and local events in Mendocino County. On March 31, 2019, a group of students prepared homemade vegetarian meals for people experiencing homelessness in Ukiah. The group made burritos and peanut butter sandwiches, distributing them at a homeless shelter in downtown Ukiah.

The following month, two separate groups of DRBU students collaborated to celebrate Earth Day on April 27. One group headed to Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain, located in the back campus of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, to do maintenance on the stairs that were manually carved up the mountain. With the frequent spring rain, the initial stairs had lost their shape, creating a poor path up to the mountain’s summit. The students spent the morning with shovels, digging and redefining the stairs for others to use on future hikes.

Three students headed to Ukiah’s Alex Thomas Plaza to celebrate Earth Day Ukiah, setting up a booth where they served tea and showcased DRBU’s environmentally conscious practices, such as composting and a vegetarian diet. Photos of the wildlife around campus were also featured.

DRBU Student Activities has recently began holding events such as monthly pancake breakfasts, birthday parties, and movie nights to bring students from across cohorts together, reinforcing the warmth of community within DRBU. The events always feature homemade vegan baked goods prepared by students, such as vegan carrot cake, cheesecake, and cookies.