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Dear friends,

The fall semester at DRBU has officially started, and it is wonderful to see the building full of students passing through on their way to their first classes! We are happy to be welcoming four new BA students, eight new MA students, and five Translation Certificate students as they begin their DRBU journey. One by one, the students arrived safely from around the world: China, Nepal, New Zealand, Russia, Vietnam, and various parts of the US. Flourishing under DRBU’s “culture of care,” the students have quickly settled into their new residences, immersed themselves in shared inquiry in classrooms, broadened their connections to the community through various service scholarships, and deepened their friendships with one another during community lunches, spiritual practices, and field trips in nature. DRBU remains a place of hope in these times of uncertainty.

Dharma Realm Buddhist University activates everyone’s inherent wisdom, inherent virtues, and inherent spirituality.
– DRBU Founder, Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

Here are a few highlights from DRBU this year:

If you are planning for a year, then foster grain. If you are planning for a decade, then foster trees. If you are planning for a lifetime, then foster people. In fostering grain, you reap a onefold yield. In fostering trees, you reap a tenfold yield. In fostering people, you reap a hundredfold yield. – Guanzi (管子)

Even as DRBU celebrates its successes, its growth cannot continue without the support from our ever-expanding community of friends like you. We invite you to join our fundraising campaign for the new academic year. Your donation directly supports the day-to-day operations of DRBU’s educational programs. For the 2022-23 academic year, our fundraising goal is $968,000 USD. As of late September, we have reached the $310,000 mark. Your contribution—regardless of the size—will make an immediate impact on the educational experience of DRBU.

With your support, DRBU will continue to strive to “develop human potential to create the conditions for a broader awakening of human society and its elevation,” as Venerable Master Hsuan Hua envisioned. We are grateful that you recognize the value of this education. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. If you happen to work for an employer that offers gift matching, we encourage you to use it to double or even triple your gift. You can now find DRBU on Benevity, a gift matching platform that many employers use. If you have any questions regarding how to support DRBU, please contact us at


Susan Rounds, President
Peggy Brevoort, Chairperson, Board Development Committee

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法大二零二二年秋季學期已經正式開始。我們喜悅地歡迎四位學士班新生,八位碩士班新生,以及五位譯經班新生,展開他們在法大的旅程。 學生們來自中國,尼泊爾,新西蘭,俄羅斯,越南,以及美國各地。在學校關懷的氛圍下,大家很快適應了新環境。學生們深入課堂討論,積極參與社區勞動,一起用餐,禪修,遠足,從中建立了深厚的友誼。法大的創辦人宣公上人曾說,【法界佛教大學,是令人人發掘本有的智慧,本有的道德,本有的靈性的學府。】在這個動盪不安的時代,法大持續給人帶來希望和光明。



法界佛教大學已經被美西院校聯盟認證。您的善款,根據法律可以有適當的稅務減免。如果您有任何問題,請發郵件至 。如果您的所工作的地方提供捐款匹配(donation matching)的福利,我們鼓勵您使用它來讓您的捐助成倍增長。在一個常用的捐款匹配平台Benevity上,您已經可以搜索到”Dharma Realm Buddhist University”。

我們感恩您認同法大的教育理念。在您的愛心捐助和支持下,法界佛教大學會繼續努力,實現宣公上人所勾畫的「開發人類潛能,為社會的廣泛覺醒和提升創造條件」的 藍圖。


法界佛教大學校長 Susan Rounds,董事會募款委員會主席 Peggy Brevoort