Author  DRBU Staff

What are you currently up to?

I’m currently working at DRBU in recruiting and admissions and also developing and serving as director for a new contemplative philosophy summer program for high school students. My recruiting and admissions work consists primarily of connecting with prospective students, helping them decide whether DRBU is the right school for them, and supporting them through the admissions and enrollment process from the moment they learn about us until the moment they arrive on campus. Outside of work, I spend my time reading, painting, and exploring the Bay Area on bike and on foot.

How have you applied what you learned at DRBU to the new high school summer program?

The Summer Program is designed to provide high-school students with a holistic educational experience, from the Seminar where they get to read and discuss great books of philosophy and literature, to the Contemplative Exercise and Arts Workshop where they put what they study into practice, to the community life where they experience living and working together in a wholesome, intentional community. All of this is inspired by DRBU’s unique pedagogy, which emphasizes educating the whole person. 

What is a favorite pastime or memory from your time at DRBU?

One of my favorite memories from DRBU is the monthly birthday party celebrations where we would take the time to acknowledge and celebrate all the students, faculty, staff, and other community members with birthdays that month. One of the advantages of living in a small community is that you have the opportunity to get to know everyone really well. 

Any insights, advice, or words of wisdom that you’d like to share with new or current students?

My advice would be to be patient and move slowly! DRBU introduces you to a lot of new ideas, activities, and practices. It’s easy to bite off too much and get overwhelmed. There’s more time than you think to explore everything.