Author  Alex Wang

What are you currently up to?

I am currently doing a Masters degree in International Relations at Bond University and staying at Gold Coast Dharma Realm.

How have you applied what you learned at DRBU to what you are currently doing?

In many ways, the skills I learned in DRBU have given me an edge in my current degree despite having almost no previous knowledge in the subject. A few areas in which I notice the greatest difference between myself and my peers are good focus during study (quality over quantity), managing my energy and time effectively, and being able to gauge and adjust myself when I feel that I am “out of balance”.

What is a favorite pastime / memory from your time at DRBU?

I miss a lot of things from DRBU, especially the community and connectedness with everyone. But to name a few things in particular: Chinese Speaking Club, studying at Starbucks, and service scholarship work.

Insights, advice, and/or words of wisdom you’d like to share with new/current students:

My advice for new students would be: have an attitude that is hungry to learn, and practice and transforming oneself is the most precious commodity. Having a balanced approach and outlook during your time at DRBU is the greatest strength. For current students, I would say to keepĀ up to date with the world via news and that exploring further options for study or employment not only makes life after graduation go a lot smoother, but also shares the gift of a DRBU education with the world.