From Freedom Riding to Freeing Oneself: An Interview with Board Member, Carol Ruth Silver

Aug 31, 2020

The following is an interview with Carol Ruth Silver, a DRBU board member. This is a transcribed spoken interview that has been edited for clarity and brevity.Tell us about yourself.My name is Carol...

What are we reading at DRBU? Female Cultivators

Aug 30, 2020

We welcome you to enjoy this selection of books highlighting the spiritual accomplishments of women cultivators across time and place. Writings by women were historically preserved significantly less...

Chan Master Qiyuan and Her Poems

Aug 30, 2020

Xiaojuan ShuIn this paper, Xiaojuan Shu (MA 2020, TC 2021) uses the process of translation as a hermeneutic tool to catch a glimpse of the inner landscape of Poet and Chan Master Qiyuan Xinggang...

Reflections on Being a Woman Cultivator

Aug 30, 2020

We asked one of our senior Buddhist monastics, Bhikshuni Heng Chih, to answer some questions on being a woman cultivator.  From daily practice to lifelong choices, Dharma Master Chih shares...

Braving the Tunnel Together

Aug 30, 2020

The following is the 2020 Convocation Address given by Dean of Students, Bhikshuni Heng Liang.As Dean of Students of DRBU, I am honored to welcome the MA class of 2022, the BA class of 2024, and the...

August at DRBU

Aug 30, 2020

How do we create a safe and supportive environment during Covid-19 times?  Get a glimpse of the meticulous planning and preparation, the socially-distanced orientation, and the now post-...

Living in the Matrix - A Buddhist Response

Aug 3, 2020

Below is an edited email exchange between someone and Bhikshu Jin Chuan, instructor and chaplain of DRBU.  Hello,I was listening to your talk today, and what you spoke about finding a...

Sudhana Center Renewal Project

Aug 2, 2020

Our staff have been working tirelessly to prepare for our students' arrival to Sudhana Center! Catch a glimpse of the updates and changes to what will be our students’ home for the fall semester.

Book Release: One Thought Ten Dharma Realms, verses by Ven. Master Hsuan Hua

Jul 6, 2020

Buddhist Text Translation Society releases One Thought Ten Dharma Realms, a collection of verses and commentary by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua.Published by ...

Alumni Spotlight: Bhikshuni Jin Rou, MA '18

Jul 5, 2020

The following is an interview with Bhikshuni Jin Rou, a 2018 graduate of the MA program.What are you currently up to? My experience at DRBU, and what I am doing now, can be compared to the cold...