Job Title: Career Service and Academic Resources Advisor
Reports to: Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Position type and salary: 20 hours per week, starting at $21/hr
Location: DRBU Main Campus, Ukiah, CA

Job Description

The Career Service and Academic Resources Advisor plays a vital role in assisting students in their career development and maximizing their academic potential. This position involves providing comprehensive guidance and support to students, facilitating their transition from academia to the professional world, and enhancing their academic experience through the effective utilization of available resources. The advisor will collaborate closely with university staff, faculty, and external stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of career development initiatives and the delivery of high-quality academic resources.


  1. Career Services Guidance:
    • Provide one-on-one career advising to students, offering personalized guidance on career exploration, resume writing, interview skills, job search strategies, and professional networking.
    • Conduct career assessments and assist students in identifying their skills, interests, and career goals.
    • Develop and deliver workshops, seminars, and presentations on various career-related topics, including volunteer opportunities, internships, and graduate school opportunities.
  2. Academic Resource Support:
    • Assist students in identifying and accessing academic resources, including tutoring services, study groups, local and online resources.
    • Advise students on academic planning and academic success strategies.
    • Coordinate workshops and training sessions on study skills, time management, and positive habit building.
  3. Program Development and Management:
    • Collaborate with colleagues to develop, implement, and evaluate comprehensive career development programs that align with the needs of diverse student populations.
    • Conduct assessments and surveys to gather student feedback and identify areas for program improvement.
    • Stay abreast of emerging career trends, technologies, and resources to continuously enhance the effectiveness of career services and academic resources.
    • Develop and maintain relationships with employers, alumni, and other external partners to foster internship and job placement opportunities for students.
  4. Student Engagement and Outreach:
    • Promote career services and academic resources through various communication channels, including newsletters, social media platforms, and the university website.
    • Organize and participate in career fairs, conferences, and workshops to engage students and connect them with potential employers.
    • Collaborate with student organizations and campus departments to create opportunities for student involvement in career development initiatives.
    • Provide support and mentorship to student clubs and organizations related to career and academic pursuits.


  • BA degree & MA preferred in a related field.
  • Prior experience in advising, or related communications roles within an organization.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to connect with and motivate students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Knowledge of career development theories, job market trends, and academic support strategies.
  • Familiarity with career assessment tools and resources.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks, work independently, and prioritize effectively.
  • Proficiency in utilizing technology and online platforms for career services and academic resources.
  • Demonstrated commitment to student success and a student-centered approach in alignment to university mission and learning outcomes.

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to by Sunday, June 2, 2024.