Title:​ Assistant Residential Life Manager
Reports to:​ Residential Life Manager
Position type: Full-time, 35 hours per week
Pay Range: $32K-38K

Job Description

The Assistant Residential Life Manager supports a wide variety of student needs by leading and overseeing a team of Residential Assistants (RAs) and cooperating with Campus Life units and other University departments. Their primary responsibility is for the well-being of students, especially with regard to health and safety, discipline and conduct, and community development. As such, the assistant manager works closely with RAs and students to maintain a sense of familiarity, presence, and responsiveness to the community’s needs.

The Residential Life team comprising the Residential Life Manager, Assistant Res Life Manager and RAs provides a steady and continuous availability to assist with student concerns, emergency response, crisis intervention, and policy implementation. The team also works proactively to develop and assess programs for community enrichment.


The following responsibilities form the core of this role. Due to the dynamic and evolving nature of Campus Life work, they may be adjusted as needed.

Residential Life Support (32 hours)

  • Supports student RAs. Facilitates Residential Life team meetings and 1-1 sessions with RAs to provide in-depth support and guidance.
  • Supplements the work done by RAs as needed, particularly in cases that exceed the scope of an RA’s responsibility. This may include hands-on assistance or listening thoughtfully to students experiencing academic and/or personal difficulties and directing them to other University resources.
  • Supports the residential community through informal counseling, advising, and leadership.
  • Coordinates Residential Life functions related to key points of the semester e.g. beginning, ending, and breaks.
  • Sends official Residential Life communications to students.
  • Serves as a role model and mentor for RAs and dorm residents consistent with the DRBU mission, culture, and values, including the continual engagement in self-cultivation and personal growth. Supports students in developing a balanced lifestyle of study, work, exercise, rest, and extracurricular activities.
  • Supports community building
  • Works together with Campus Life administrators in conflict resolution using tools such as Restorative Practices.
  • Participates in implementing the University conduct system as it pertains to dorm life. This includes explaining the rules and their underlying rationale, utilizing Restorative Practices tools to respond to infractions, and encouraging the development of ethical sensibility.
  • Manage crises and emergencies in the dorms, coordinating with the RAs and other Campus Life staff as needed.
  • Support Residential Life Manager in administrative tasks
  • Other tasks as needed.

Dining Services (3 hours)

  • Coordinate with CTTB staff to obtain and distribute breakfast items
  • Oversee the upkeep of the South Wing 1st floor tea room
  • Other duties as assigned

Administrative Support for Health Services (5 hours)

  • Manage/Pay attention to DRBU’s healthcare delivery system, which primarily serves the physical and mental health needs of students.
    • Facilitate access to care by ensuring that sufficient resources (office space, budget, personnel) and processes (intake, referrals, escalation process, ) are in place to meet student needs
    • Distribute information about available services.Raise awareness of students about what’s available and how to access them
    • Support the unit’s clinical staff in providing care, either directly or by delegating tasks to other Campus Life staff. This includes such tasks as getting medication and, infrequently, accompanying students to get emergency care.
    • In more complex cases requiring a collaborative ‘care team’ approach, assist with coordination between the Nurse Practitioner, mental health counselors, disabilities counselor, Academics and/or Campus Life.
    • Perform administrative tasks including contracts, budget planning, payments, etc.
    • Educate students on health insurance requirements and options, including particular considerations for international students.
    • Ensure adequate medical supplies at university buildings.
  • Working with the unit’s clinical staff:
    • Coordinate preventive healthcare and wellness initiatives.
    • Offer educational programming on staying healthy and preventing illness. This may include sending out information through newsletters or seasonal advisories, organizing workshops on issues relevant to the community’s health, etc.
    • Convey public health advisories on topics such as vaccination and disease awareness.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Supports the mission and vision of DRBU
  • Ability to work in a multilingual and diverse environment
  • Demonstrated leadership experience and skills
  • Self-motivated; able to work independently and as a member of a team
  • California driver’s license
  • Excellent listening, communication, and organizational skills
  • Selfless and patient dedication to supporting students
  • Previous residential life and counseling experience preferred
  • Other tasks as needed

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to hr@drbu.edu.