Why give to DRBU?

DRBU was founded on the belief that affordability should not be a determining factor in getting a good education. Our school receives no subsidies or grants from the state or federal government. Generous support from individuals makes the university's work possible.

Dharma Realm Buddhist University is a unique liberal arts program based on Buddhist principles. DRBU's founder, Venerable Master Hua, saw that quality education for the whole person is a requisite condition for improving the world. 

By supporting DRBU, you invest in future leaders that are guided by virtue and join in Master Hua’s vision of bringing Dharma to the modern world through a university dedicated to self-cultivation and the pursuit of wisdom.

We believe that:

  • Many generations to come will benefit from the ripple effect of this education, which not only emphasizes the self-cultivation of virtue, but also the extension of virtue into the wider world
  • The only way to keep the human qualities of kindness, generosity, and contentment alive is to activate them in the human consciousness, in the words of Master Hua–by “make living Buddhas and Bodhisattvas”
  • The inner transformation of each DRBU graduate is like a bright light in the world. The light of a single lantern can ignite a hundred thousand lanterns. Then there is no end to this brightness

Master Hua's Story
Born in a poor family in Northeastern China, Master Hua didn’t receive formal education until the age of 15 because his family couldn’t afford it. When he was 18, he created a free tutoring program at home for children like him. All his life, Master Hua was dedicated to make education accessible to anyone who sincerely wishes to learn.

Your Donation Directly Supports our Students

  • Last year 84% of the students received financial aid
  • The average amount of the aid received is $18,636
  • Meet some of our students! 

"Thank goodness that it exists. Thank you to all who made it available and possible. I wouldn’t be able to do the program without it." - Jiao Li, MA '21 

"I'm thankful that I don't have to worry about taking out a student loan to go to school, which was an obstacle, as I already had a student loan. I'm able to pay a portion of my school finances through service scholarship (work-study). It's through these various jobs, which help to build practical life skills, that I can continue studying without worrying about financial worries. It is a relief for a full-time student." - Norbel Casas, BA '22

Your Donation Directly Supports our Faculty  

  • DRBU faculty agree to work for a fraction of what they could earn elsewhere
  • By investing in DRBU’s faculty, you help define the University’s spirit, advance scholarship, and attract additional high-quality hires

DRBU faculty embody the university’s spirit of academic excellence and commitment to self-cultivation and spiritual inquiry. Faculty members come from a variety of backgrounds. Some dedicated decades to studying Buddhism and other world philosophies, in some cases as monastics. Others pursued a more traditional academic path at elite universities, in the sciences or humanities. With DRBU's small class sizes, faculty members make themselves unusually available to students for personalized instruction.

Your Donation Makes Campus Construction and Renovation Projects Possible

  • Solar panels 
  • Dorm renovation
  • Sudhana Center
  • Future projects

Your Donation Enables us to Serve the Local Community and the Larger World