Frequently Asked Questions: 

I want to make a financial gift to DRBU. What are the methods for doing so?
There are several ways to make a gift to DRBU: by mail with a check or money order, via PayPal, or via bank wire transfer. Learn more about making a gift.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. Donations made to DRBU are tax deductible for U.S. taxpayers who itemize their deductions. When you make a donation, DRBU will send you  a donation receipt and acknowledgement letter meeting IRS regulations. Please let the Development Office know your mailing address at the time of your donation.

What do gifts to the DRBU Annual Fund support?
The Annual Fund helps the University meet its current operational needs. In recent years, the Annual Fund helped launched the new BA and MA programs, enabled significant progress toward formal accreditation, and improved facilities and campus life for students. Contributions to the Annual Fund touch every aspect of the university.

Which DRBU initiatives need the most support right now?
The university is currently focused on expanding enrollment in the BA and MA programs, providing scholarships, and renovating the women's dormitory.

Can I make a gift to DRBU over time?
Certainly. You can pledge a gift and arrange a payment schedule of up to five years. Please contact the Office of Development for more details.

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