How does one know? What is required to 'know thyself'? Shared Inquiry at DRBU

Date and time
Tue, March 22, 2022
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT

About this event
Join an online reading group with Dharma Realm Buddhist University Faculty. Using the DRBU discussion method of shared inquiry, we will approach a text from DRBU’s curriculum which spans Asian and Western philosophy and literature.

What is Shared Inquiry at DRBU?

Casting the teacher as a guide rather than a director of the students’ learning process reflects an ancient pedigree both East and West. Here, good teaching does not tell the students what they need to have or know, but helps them explore what it is that’s worth wanting, and important, to know. The primary function of the teaching faculty and the university itself, then, is to encourage and assist students in the bittersweet task of answering these important questions for themselves.

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Each reading group will be limited in size to allow for deep discussion, and led by a DRBU faculty member. Participants will be emailed a copy of the reading one week in advance of the reading group time. Come having read ahead of time and ready to discuss!