Dr. Antonio Zirión Quijano of UNAM, Morelia will speak on the ethical character of Husserlian phenomenology.

Speaker: Dr. Antonio Zirión Quijano
Tuesday Feb. 13, 2024
7:00-8:30 pm PST
(9:00-10:30 pm GMT-6)
Location: On Zoom
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I will try to apply, in a rather cursory and elementary way, some insights of Husserlian phenomenology which have in my view an ethical character, to phenomenology itself as a human collective task with an ethical sense and purpose. The question ‘how to give personal life a meaning’ will be developed in the question ‘how to give phenomenology itself a personal meaning’. A particular emphasis will be placed on questions concerning the irrationality of existence, death, destiny, contingency, and fate, and the nature of the human path —individual and community— within these conditions and determinations.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Antonio Zirión Quijano (Mexico City, 1950) has taught at the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM) and the Michoacan University of San Nicolas of Hidalgo (Morelia). He currently works at the Research Unit on Cultural and Social Representations (UNAM, Morelia). He developed the Diccionario Husserl (Husserl Dictionary), “Glosario-Guía para Traducir a Husserl” (Glossary-Guide for Translating Husserl), and the Bibliografía de Fenomenología en Español (Bibliography of Phenomenology in Spanish). He has translated into Spanish Husserl’s Las Conferencias de París (The Paris Lectures), Ideas I and Ideas II, and the article on Phenomenology in the Encyclopaedia Britannica. He is the author of Historia de la fenomenología en México (History of Phenomenology in Mexico) (2003), a founding member and coordinator of the Círculo Latinoamericano de Fenomenología (Latin American Circle of Phenomenology) in Mexico, and editor of the Obras completas (Complete Works) of José Gaos.

For links to Dr. Zirión Quijano’s projects and writings, please see his webpage:  https://www.filosoficas.unam.mx/~zirion/