Arts Workshop with artist Ema Kubo

Join us for The Arts Workshop — Etegami: The Art of Japanese Postcard Painting with artist Ema Kubo, Saturday, 4/13, 1:00-3:00 pm, at the Art Studio.

The workshop will introduce the Japanese folk art, etegami (literally translated as “picture letter”), and Japanese brush painting. Etegami consist of simple components on a postcard: a painted image using black sumi ink, water-based paints for color, and a brief phrase to the intended recipient. Etegami follow the motto “clumsy is fine, clumsy is best” (“heta de ii, heta ga ii”); wobbly lines and imperfections are part of the aesthetic. They are painted without an underdrawing, directly observed from life rather than from photos. They are a relaxed yet heartfelt and expressive way to send a note to a friend.

During the workshop there will first be a brief talk explaining the background and materials used for etegami, followed by a demonstration. The remaining time will be hands-on creating your own etegami

We hope to see you there!

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